FC Utrecht took home a point after the away game against PEC Zwolle. The match between the number four, Zwolle, and number five, Utrecht, of the Eredivisie ended 1-1 on Friday evening.

There were about three or four moments in which the PEC Zwolle supporters were afraid to watch, thinking FC Utrecht were going to decide the match. These thoughts were understandable, but turned out wrong. Although FC Utrecht did create good opportunities to turn the 0-1 lead into a more comfortable 0-2 lead, they did not score again.

Kerk versus Boer
Sometimes that was because FC Utrecht were unlucky. Like a few minutes before halftime, when Gyrano Kerk fired a shot and Diederik Boer managed to save, so that the ball hit the post instead of the net. A few moments before that the goalkeeper already responded well to a shot by Kerk after a cross by Sean Klaiber. After halftime the striker and goalkeeper again faced each other. But Kerk took too much time while running towards the goal and lost his chance to score the second goal for FC Utrecht.

Zwolle keep believing
Slowly but surely the Zwolle team took over the initiative. It was clear that if FC Utrecht were not going to score their second goal, Zwolle would try to score the equaliser. And they did not only try to do so, that was what they did on the artificial grass in the MAC3PARK Stadium in Overijssel. About ten minutes before the final whistle David Jensen punched away the ball after a shot by Bram van Polen. Mustafa Saymak picked up the ball and shot the rebound into the far corner: 1-1.

Ayoub serves Van de Streek
And with that the opening goal by Sander van de Streek was brushed away. The midfielder scored half an hour into the game in Zwolle. Yassin Ayoub saw him coming up at the far post and gave a good assist. Van de Streek did what he had to do: 0-1.

Next stop: Feyenoord at home
The next match for FC Utrecht? That is a nice one. Sunday December 10th Feyenoord come to visit Stadium Galgenwaard. Tickets for this big game are already on sale. You can purchase your ticket online and in the FC Utrecht Fanshop.

PEC Zwolle - FC Utrecht 1-1 (0-1)
33. Sander van de Streek 0-1
83. Mustafa Saymak 1-1

Yellow cards: Dirk Marcellis (PEC Zwolle), Urby Emanuelson, Sander van de Streek (FC Utrecht).

Attendance: 13,250.

Referee: Ed Janssen.

Line-up PEC Zwolle:
Diederik Boer; Kingsley Ehizibue, Dirk Marcellis, Bram van Polen, Nicolás Freire (61. Erik Bakker); Mustafa Saymak, Rick Dekker, Ryan Thomas; Younes Namli (81. Piotr Parzyszek), Stef Nijland (61. Terell Ondaan), Youness Mokhtar.

Line-up FC Utrecht:
David Jensen; Sean Klaiber, Mark van der Maarel, Ramon Leeuwin (40. Giovanni Troupée), Willem Janssen, Urby Emanuelson (80. Edson Braafheid); Rico Strieder, Sander van de Streek, Yassin Ayoub; Gyrano Kerk (89. Lukas Gȍrtler), Zakaria Labyad.