Hammarby IF - FC Utrecht 0-0

24 juli 2007

FC Utrecht played a 0-0 draw against Hammarby IF from Sweden. The first half, in particular, FC Utrecht played really well. During the last half hour of this Intertoto match, the players got tired. Because the team started the training two weeks ago, this was understandable. FC Utrecht started with Loïc Loval in the basis in stead of the slightly injured Kevin Vandenbergh. Together with Robin Nelissen, Loval formed the striker twosome on this Sunday afternoon. During the first half the Swedish team hoped for a counter attack, but Hammarby created only two dangerous  chances. Both teams kept each other in balance. After a good cross by Hans Somers it was Loïc Loval, who was close the 1-0 with a dangerous header. Supported by the noisy fans Hammarby kept on switching fast and when they were in ball possession they searched the depth very fast.

In the second half the 5,300 spectators saw a lot more excitement in the Rasunda stadium in Stockholm. After five minutes Hans Somers ended a combination with Tom Caluwé with his head, but the Belgian player was not able to score. Quickly afterwards came a dangerous corner by Hammarby . To prevent a Swedish lead, the ball had to be kicked from the goal line. Several times, Franck Grandel had to do his utmost to avoid a lead of the pushing Swedish players. During the last twenty minutes, Hammarby were the better team, but were not able to score.

Loïc Loval made a healthy impression and this was remarkable. Although you could not see it in the match, Guadeloup`s international started the training only a week ago. Several times he passed his opponent with the ball at his foot.

This result is a good starting point to reach the UEFA qualifying round in Stadium Galgenwaard next Sunday, coach Willem van Hanegem said afterwards. It is understandable that the players were exhausted in the second half. Nevertheless, we had the opportunities to score. It was obvious that Hammarby set everything aside in order to score. As a result of this the players did not keep their positions and we should have taken advantage of this. When you play under pressure, it is possible to reach the penalty area of the opponent with three crosses, but we did not do this enough.

Captain Gregoor van Dijk was a bit disappointed about the fact that his team had not been able to score. `We should have made a goal. It makes a lot of difference next week` Van Dijk said. `It is not much, but with respect to the quality still I do think that we have the better team. In a home match with the support of our own fans, we have to be able to finish this job.`

Tim Cornelisse was positive about the result. `We played the ball around nicely, in particular during the first half. You can not expect any wonders after only two weeks of training but it is important that we kept Hamarbay from scoring. Next Sunday our condition should be improved a lot. We must be able to win then,` Cornelisse said.

Line-up Hammarby IF:
Benny Lekström, David Johansson, Jose Monteiro,  Suleyman Sleyman, Christian Traore, Louay Chanko, Sebatian Castro-Tello (`57 Erkan Zengin), Sebastian Eguren , Haris Laitinen (`71 Charlie Davies), Petter Andersson, Paulinho Guará,

Line up FC Utrecht
Franck Grandel, Tim Cornelisse, Sander Keller, Francis Dickoh, Etienne Shew-Atjon, Hans Somers, Rick Kruys (` 84 Leroy George), Tom Caluwé , Gregoor van Dijk, Loic Loval, Robin Nelisse (`69 Giuseppe Rossini)


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