FC Utrecht - Feyenoord 0-3

19 augustus 2007

FC Utrecht lost the first match of the competition last Sunday. In Galgenwaard against Feyenoord, it became 0-3 in the end after a 0-1 score at half time. After 25 minutes Feyenoord took the lead. That happened immediately after a phase, in which the home team increased the pressure on the Rotterdam team. In the initial phase, FC Utrecht played well and after 10 minutes they exacted two good chances. Nelisse seemed to score the 0-1 after a good cross by Caluwé. Shortly after that, Cornelisse persevered well. Feyenoord’s goalkeeper Timmer prevented a score both times.

Feyenoord almost could not to do anything offensively until then. ‘We gave away the initiative and became insecure’ Feyenoord coach Bert van Marwijk said. Until Grandel estimated a kick by Bruins wrongly. Both coaches agreed that the score completely came out of the blue. After that  disappointment, FC Utrecht could not bring the good performance from the initial phase any more. Via quick counter attacks, Feyenoord became dangerous by Hofs twice. During the last seconds of the first half, a kick by Caluwé just missed the Feyenoord goal.

After the 0-1, Vorm could prepare himself to make his comeback. After half-time, Grandel stayed in the changing room. He himself indicated that he could not continue because he was hindered too much when kicking. After an action by De Cler, Vorm intervened well immediately. In the second half, too, FC Utrecht tried to attack, they incited, but they did not succeed in endangering Timmer any more. George got a free way through, but he was unlucky when rounding off the attack.

Maayen (for George) and Vandenbergh (for Sanmartean), too, substituted the second half. Feyenoord profited ultimately from the space that was the result of that. When the match was one hour old, the linesman refused to use his flag, so Hofs could score the 0-2 after a free way through. Five minutes before the end, in a counter attack, Feyenoord even scored the 0-3 by Makaay.After the match, Van Loen reviewed the first half. ‘We were well organised; we did not give away almost anything. In my opinion, the 0-1 could he have been avoided. After that score, we were lost for some time. After half-time we wanted to continue to attack, but we also realised that the Feyenoord counters were dangerous. It is depressing that it is 0-3 in the end. Nevertheless, we have shown to be on the right track. We create chances. But we have to score from that.In about more than one month, both teams will meet again. Then in Rotterdam, in the cup tournament.

Score: 25. 0-1 Bruins; 62. Hofs 0-2; 85. Makaay 0-3

Spectators: 22,000Referee: Braamhaar

Yellow cards: George (FC Utrecht); Hofs (Feyenoord)

Line up FC Utrecht: Grandel (Vorm/46), Cornelisse, Dickoh, Keller, Pieters, Caluwé, Van Dijk, Broerse, George (Maayen/65), Nelisse, Sânmartean (Vandenbergh/69


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